Luminescence– 24 min.

Directed by: Catalina Santamaria. Luminescence is a poetically inspired experimental film. Filmed over the course of several years in New York City, Bogotá, Colombia, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, Luminescence is a 24 minute intensely focused study of light – as mirror, as metaphor, as shadow and as self-reflection.
Water.Moon.Mirror.Flower – 4 min.

Directed by: Tianran Duann. The concept is dealing with the interdependent relations between reality and illusion. In the lyrical and poetic beauty of lighten water ripples, this film presents mysteries illusion with broken water, moons, mirrors and flowers.
Swing – 4 min.

Directed by: Yen-Ting Kuo, SWING is about how living people influence the perspectives of people on the brink of death. If there was choice for unconscious patients to live or die, how would their surroundings influence that impossible choice?
Pesticide – 5 min.

Directed by: Eric Gerber. A man obsessed with an unusual method of pest control.
Raspberry – 19 min.

Directed by: Jonathan Enrique Barajas. A surreal story of a young artist who struggles with connecting to the outside world and decides whether it’s worth connecting to.
Gift of Magi – 13 min.

Directed by: Toshikazu Ishii. This is a story that Jim, an apprentice magician, and Della, his wife on Christmas day. Della has her proud beautiful and long hair cut off and sells it in order to buy him a present that is a chain made for his gold watch. In the evening, Jim reaches home in high spirits, but he is stunned to see her look so different.
Passion, Fruit – 14 min.

Directed by: Ting Liu. An art student, after a painful break-up with his lover/figure model, discovers an occult sensuality in his new artistic subject matter: fruits. The desire he projects on the still life invigorates them, and soon the fruits begin to haunt him in absurd and twisted ways.
Tanko Bole Chle – 12 min.

Directed by: Nina Sabrani. Tanko Bole Chhe (The Stitches Speak) is an animated documentary which celebrates the art and passion of the Kutch artisans associated with Kala Raksha. The film traces multiple journeys made by the participants towards defining their identities and towards forming the Kala Raksha Trust and the School for Design.
Post-Nup:Straight Up Dalai Lama – 4 min.

Directed by: Katherine Woodman – Maynard. Post-Nup is a show about a young couple that loves each other deeply and yet struggles through the daily disagreements that pepper every marriage. In this episode, Gaby bets Omar that she can meditate better than he can, and a meditation competition ensues.
It’s What’s For Dinner – 3 min.

Directed by: Chris Anderson. When a family goes to a nice restaurant for an evening out on the town, they are shocked to find their waiter reluctant to place their order. What initially appears to be a breach of basic customer service etiquette turns considerably darker when the waiter takes them on an enlightening journey through the meat production process.
Come Sit Stay – 6 min.

Directed by: Jody Oberfelder. A man confuses his girlfriend for a dog, expecting loyalty and obedience. In this short film written and directed by Jody Oberfelder, playfulness turn to violence and fantasy leaves questions as to who is man’s best friend. Editing is by Daniel Garcia, cinematography by Clarrissa de los Reyes, and music composed by Brendan Berry, with lyrics by Jody oberfelder sung by Tine Kndermann and David Starrels. Starring Carlton Ward, Rebekah Morin and Bailey (as himself).
Winged – 3 min.

Directed by: Jennifer Hardacker. Inspired by a horoscope that quotes from the poet Federico Garcia Lorca: “His heart was growing full of broken wings and artificial flowers. In his mouth, just one small word was left.” In this experimental short film, the filmmaker ruminates about her ability to protect her two young sons during a time of emotional upheaval.
I Give You Life – 12 min.

Directed by Latham Zearfoss. Mutated voices and deleted words try to find their way back home while a father tries to find solace and justice in the wake of his son’s brutal, highly publicized murder in this penetrating sensorial journey through cinematic mediation, collective memory and mourning.
Pillow Girl – 8 min.

Directed by: Ronnie Cramer. Pillow Girl was originally a sound-art work created for an invitational at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. Artist/musician/filmmaker Ronnie Cramer scanned the covers and inside pages of a number of lurid, vintage paperbacks and magazines, then ran the collected image and text data through a variety of synthesizers. The resulting sound files were then processed and remixed into a collection of electronic soundscapes called Pillow Girl and Other Songs of Romance. Elements that make up this ‘music’ are re-mixed to create the soundtrack for the Pillow Girl film.
Whitelick – 3 min.

Directed by: Tim Gallaher. Jesus and Satan, the ultimate opposing and polarized western deities, prepare for a showdown on battlefield Earth. But sometimes even the gods are in for a surprise.
Of Love & Breakfast – 4min.

Pepper and Salt Shaker were made for each other, but can only do their job when apart. They are forever reaching towards each other, fighting against the powers that separate them. Theirs is a simple classic tale. This is my first experiment with stop motion. To see more projects please check out
Thursday May 5th
Documentary Night 7pm to 10pm

Admission $5.00 @ the Van Duzer Theater.
The Work of 1000 – 30 min.

Directed by: Susan Edwards. An unlikely activist, Marion Stoddart took on big business, politicians, and public skepticism to save one of America’s most polluted rivers, transforming herself into an environmental leader and citizen hero honored by the United Nations.
Stan Vs. Squirrel – 23 min.

Directed by: Lilly Boruszkowski. What’s a man to do when he wants to feed the birds but the squirrels keep stealing their food? Watch as Stan engineers a variety of devices to foil his furry opponents. Who will prevail in the battle of man versus squirrel?
Bye Bye Now! – 15 min.

Directed by: Aideen O’Sullivan. An amusing, poignant documentary about the fate of the Irish phone booth, which has gone from the centre of society to the verge of extinction.
Oak Park – 22 min.

Directed by: Valerie Soe. The Oak Park Story recounts the journeys of three families–from Cambodia, Mexico, and California–who band together at a run-down slum in Oakland CA and win a landmark settlement against their landlord.
Pass Through Fire – 10 min.

Directed by: Deirdre Lee. Pass Through the Fire portrays artist Jay Stommen and his wood-fire ceramic process. Through an experimental approach, Pass Through the Fire explores themes relating to the natural elements and human destiny.
Crude Justice – 18 min.

Directed by: John Ringstad. “Crude Justice explores the damage done by the BP oil spill to the lives and livelihoods of the people who depend on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the legal dilemmas they now face as they seek justice in the face of an uncertain future.”
Challenging Impossibility – 28min.

Directed by: Sanjay Rawal & Natabara Mark Rollosson. CHALLENGING IMPOSSIBILITY chronicles the weightlifting odyssey of the late spiritual teacher and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy. Surprisingly, at the age of 53, this Indian-born mystic took up weightlifting. Already an advocate of the necessity of physical fitness in the spiritual life, this New York City-based Guru was inspired to demonstrate the tangible power of inner peace by performing incredible, but real feats of strength. Sri Chinmoy’s lifts were featured on hundreds of newscasts globally, including on CNN, Fox, ESPN and NBC affiliates. CHALLENGING IMPOSSIBILITY focuses on an exhibition he held on 13 November 2004 where he lifted a total of 200,408 pounds. He was 73 years old.
Mexican Cuisine – 4 min.

Directed by: Francisco Guijarro. In California, the state with the largest Mexican immigrant population in the country, Mexican cuisine has a deeper meaning.