2012’s Most Anticipated Independent Films

Independent films are becoming quite popular these days. They are not the part of the mainstream film making. In the past, the film had to be shot under the major film studio. But recently, film is made out of the studio system. This sort of film is called independent films. Independent film refers to the professional production of a feature film which is produced either mostly or completely outside of the studio system. Both the task of production and distribution is done by the independent entertainment industries. So, this sort of film is the individual ventures of the entertainment companies without any intrusion of the major film studios.

This type of film reflects the filmmaker’s personal attitude creativity, artistic sense and biases. The content is based upon these issues. One can distinguish the independent films by their style and content based on all the issues mentioned above. Often people become less interested in the independent films, because they think that they are made out of low-budget. But this is not always true. The independent films often have bigger budgets compared to the films produced by the major studios. These films often go through big-budget marketing process and are released world-wide. So, they can often rival the films produced in major studio in terms of budget, style, techniques and content.

Each year a number of wonderful Independent Films are released world-wide. 2012 is not an exception. One may wish to know about the 2012’s most anticipated Independent Films. Some of them are discussed below:

She Wants Me (2012) is a wonderful film. This is a comic film. The story is based on a fictional filmmaker. He is a neurotic person. When he put up an advertisement for actresses for his new film many girls come to him. But they are more interested in becoming his girlfriend than the actress of his film.

Live at the Foxes Den (2012) is also an interesting film. The story is based upon a corporate lawyer. He befriends his regulars and staff at The Foxes Den, a cocktail lounge. The lawyer goes through a change in his career.

Free Samples (2012) is a very interesting film based on the story of a law-school dropout of Stanford University. Her name is Jillian. She flees to Los Angeles to find some time for herself to come to a decision what she is going to do with her life. This story is based on a day on the streets of Los Angeles on a truck and how this experience changes Jillian’s life. She understands that life doesn’t stop. It goes on in its own way.

Little Birds (2012) is a drama based on the story of two girls. This is an enlightening film as is charts the ups and downs of these girls. They run away to Los Angeles and then, many interesting things happen to them and they learn about life.

Another Earth (2012) is a Sci-Fi movie. Like many other Sci-Fis, this story is also based on the discovery of a planet. This time it is a duplicate planet discovered by an aspiring young student. He crosses paths because of a tragic accident.