What Are the Oscars?

Every year excitement mounts as the Oscars draw near. Actors, film makers and anyone associated with the film industry get ready to attend the event, people at home get ready to sit glued to their televisions to see who the winners are, the Oscars are the most prestigious film awards in the world.

Since 1929 the Oscars have been awarding those that offer us film entertainment from the best film to the best actor, music, costume and set. These are awarded as a golden statue, the most important award any actor can achieve in their career, it opens up opportunities for them, more work and a higher salary.

The Oscars are a red carpet affair, where many wait to see the fashion trends that will adorn the carpet that year. The smarter choice is for celebrities to have their dresses made for the event by a known fashion guru, in the project history more fashion statement have been made each and every year.

The Oscars are made up of a selection of awards which are made for the films, from the best actor and best film to the best special effects, animation and music. For each category there are a number of nominations, the winner is revealed on the night. It’s like buying st louis real estate, you need to look at a number of properties before you make your final choice.

Very few movies win all the awards, Walt Disney has won the most Oscars in history having won 29 of the 64 they were nominated for. Stealing an Oscar from someone would require a Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney as these are prized possessions to any actor lucky enough to win one.

Very seldom the film will win all their nominations, this has only happened once in the history of the Oscars with the film Return of the King. Titanic and Lord of the Rings are two films that won the most number of Oscars for one film, both won a staggering eleven Oscars.

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Only the best in the film industry attend the award ceremony, though thousands of people around the world can experience it first hand on television, the entire event is aired live for everyone to enjoy, leaving fans on the edge of their seat in anticipation to see if their favorite movie took center stage and walked away with the prize.

Movies that win this prestigious award often increase their box office sales, they become more popular than they were before due to this award. The same applies to the actors and actresses, directors and film makers. Their names are remembered for winning an Oscar, making them in demand in their industry and followed by their fans.

Whether you are joining the celebrities as they walk down the red carpet in the latest dress made by a renowned designer or you are sitting at home watching the event live, the Oscars are the biggest film event of the year and shouldn’t be missed.