The Top 3 Most Popular Film Festivals

If you are still struggling with your dental hygienist salary, you cannot probably afford to do a great deal of travelling throughout the world and especially not to Europe. Nevertheless, if you are a genuine film passionate and you know all about the Cannes, the Berlin and the Venice film festivals, you should be saving as much as you can, whenever you can. These are three of the most popular international film festivals and we are here to let you know all about them. Learn more about the history of these film festivals and decide whether you should postpone your homes in Belize search and do some travelling instead.

The Cannes, the Berlin and the Venice film festivals are commonly referred to as the “Big Three” and a polish director called Krzystof Kieslowski even created a trilogy for these festivals called “The Three Colors Trilogy” – “Red” for the Cannes festival, “White” for Berlin and “Blue” for the film festival from Venice. This special top three of the best film festivals could be compared to creating a top 3 of the best top wrinkle creams people from all around the world have tried and graded.

The Cannes International Film Festival is held yearly in France, in Cannes and it revolves around the important preview of all-genre new films. International documentaries always seem to be the centerpiece of the festival, which also sets the grounds for Europe’s next box office hits. The film festival in Cannes is by far the most popular and also the highest advertised film festival throughout the world and it was created in 1946, so it holds an impressive history. It is an invitation-only type of film festival, do you should not expect to see invitations flying like Walmart coupons in the street.

The Berlin International Film Festival is also referred to as the Berlinale and it is also one of the world’s leaders when it comes to reputable and highly appreciated film festivals. The festival has been around ever since 1951 thanks to Oscar Martay, an important American Film officer. The festival has been celebrated on a yearly basis in February ever since the year 1978. The Berlin film festival features 274,000 tickets that have been sold and 487,000 counted admissions, so it is also to be considered the largest public-attended film festival throughout the globe. Buying a ticket here could make you forget all about your full Podcast. With more than 400 films that are being shown each year, the film festival held in Berlin cannot possibly compared to the thrills of walking your precious Great Dane. The experience is a unique one and the numerous film sections should be more than enough to satisfy your most pretentious needs.

As for the Venice Film Festival, you should know that this is the oldest film festival in the world and that it has been created and founded by an actual Count called Giuseppe Volpi back in 1932, when it was called the “Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica”, (International Display Of Cinematographic Art).

No matter if you are pursuing some MPH programs or you are an IT specialist, movies could be your lifetime passions and you should definitely check one of thee festivals out in 2012.